Escultura: Catalog


This university project involved creating a catalog for the sculpture course, highlighting the projects developed at home during the isolation period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The catalog features a photographic work that summarizes the different projects developed throughout the semester. The use of Photoshop was essential for image editing, while InDesign was used to organize the pagination and layout of the catalog.

Design Process:

The design process began with the selection and editing of photographic images of the sculpture projects. Using Photoshop, the images were enhanced to ensure a visually appealing and cohesive presentation. Next, InDesign was used to create the structure of the catalog, organizing the images to highlight each project individually. The catalog cover features the title “Sculpture at Home,” representing the nature of the projects developed during the isolation period. The table of contents was created to divide each project, providing easy and intuitive navigation through the catalog.

Results and Impact:

The “Escultura em Casa” catalog provided a platform to showcase the projects I developed at home during the challenging period of the pandemic. The use of Photoshop and InDesign enabled the creation of a visually appealing and professional catalog, which not only documented my previous works but also served as a source of inspiration and reflection on creativity and resilience during difficult times.

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