Fiksey: Social Media


The project involved creating a social media post template for Fiksey, a reverse marketplace platform where users can request specific services or search for products, and service providers or sellers can directly contact them to offer their solutions. The goal was to explain clearly and visually attractively how the platform works, encouraging users to engage and explore the opportunities offered by Fiksey.

Design Process:

Using the brand’s distinctive colors, which are a gradient green with blue, I created a design that reflected Fiksey’s visual identity. The template featured a frame around the text and different bubbles around the post to add dynamism and visual interest. On the first page of the post, I highlighted a direct question to the viewer, inviting them to consider if they were looking for something specific. On the second page, I presented clearly and step by step how users can find what they are looking for on the platform, along with instructions on how to create an account on Fiksey.

Tools Used:

The template was developed using Adobe Illustrator, a versatile tool for vector design that allowed for precise and detailed execution of the project, incorporating graphic and text elements seamlessly.

Results and Impact:

The social media post template created for Fiksey effectively conveyed the platform’s proposal in a visually appealing and informative manner. It will serve as an effective tool to promote the platform on social media, encouraging user participation and increasing awareness of the services offered by Fiksey.

Project Info

  • Client:Fiksey
  • Categories:Digital Marketing
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