Mi-Rua: Business Card


In addition to the website and app for Mi-Rua, I was also responsible for designing the business cards for team members, maintaining the brand’s aesthetics and ensuring a consistent and professional representation of the company. Business cards are an essential networking and corporate communication tool, and their design was aimed at conveying Mi-Rua’s identity in a cohesive and memorable way.

Design Process:

Using Illustrator and Photoshop, I created business cards for Mi-Rua team members, ensuring that the design reflected the brand’s visual identity. This involved carefully selecting colors, fonts, and graphic elements that aligned with the brand’s aesthetics, conveying professionalism and confidence to the card recipients. Contact details were arranged clearly and legibly, making it easy to access relevant information about team members.

Results and Impact:

The business cards developed for the Mi-Rua team contributed to strengthening the company’s visual identity and creating a cohesive and professional image. These business cards serve as an effective tool for promoting the brand and facilitating networking and communication among team members and their professional contacts. They play an important role in representing the company at events, meetings, and other business interaction opportunities.

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