Mi-Rua: Social media


As part of Mi-Rua’s marketing strategy, I was responsible for developing 3 social media templates, each designed to promote the brand in a creative and engaging way. The templates were conceived to reflect the brand’s aesthetic, while the written text in the posts included puns with the company’s name, aiming to increase engagement and followers’ identification with the brand. Photoshop and Illustrator were the main tools used to create these posts.

Design Process:

The design process began with understanding Mi-Rua’s visual identity, including colors, fonts, and characteristic graphic elements of the brand. Based on this, I developed three unique templates, each with a distinct visual style, yet still cohesive with the brand’s aesthetic. The written text in the posts was carefully crafted to incorporate puns with the company’s name, adding a layer of humor and personality to the posts. The goal was to create content that was captivating and memorable for the brand’s followers on social media.

Results and Impact:

The templates developed for Mi-Rua’s social media contributed to strengthening the brand’s online presence, generating engagement and interaction with followers. The puns with the company’s name added a dose of creativity and originality to the content, making the posts more memorable and shareable. As a result, the brand was able to increase its visibility on social media and attract a wider audience, solidifying its position as an innovative and engaging company in the market.

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