Olá Sorrisos: UI/UX + WordPress


Following the completion of the logo project, the dental clinic Olá Sorrisos sought to expand its online presence through the creation of a website. As part of this project, I was tasked with creating the website prototype using Figma, following the client’s specific guidelines and requests. Subsequently, in partnership with RIFT, the website was developed in WordPress, incorporating the design crafted in the prototype.

Design Process:

The website prototype was developed with the aim of creating a landing page that reflected the clinic’s identity and provided a welcoming experience to visitors. Using different shades of blue, from dark to baby blue, and an informal font, the design was intended to convey comfort and confidence to users. The site was structured to begin with a striking slideshow, followed by information on payment facilities, 24-hour phone assistance, services offered by the clinic, and testimonials from satisfied patients. A detailed section on the dental services offered by the clinic was included to provide comprehensive information to visitors. Special emphasis was given to aesthetic dentistry, with “before/after” images that can be viewed by hovering the mouse over them.

Tools Used:

Images were edited in Adobe Photoshop, including the “before/after” functionality. The website prototype was created in Figma, while the final website development was carried out in WordPress with embedded code, in collaboration with RIFT.

Results and Impact:

The resulting website was a faithful reflection of Olá Sorrisos clinic’s requirements and vision, providing an online platform that not only presents the company professionally but also offers visitors an informative and engaging experience. The partnership with RIFT enabled the creation of a functional and aesthetically pleasing website that strengthened the clinic’s online presence and increased accessibility to its services.

Proof of my work:

To view the website developed for Olá Sorrisos, visit olasorrisos.com.

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