True Damage: Poster


This project aimed to create a poster for a fictional concert or show, allowing the student to explore their creativity in a visual intervention area they found particularly interesting. I chose to create a poster inspired by the band True Damage from the League of Legends universe. The design was conceived to reflect the vibrant and energetic musical style of the band, using intense colors and a distinct visual style.

Design Process:

The design process began with research on the band True Damage and their musical style. To capture the essence of the band, I opted for a bold and impactful visual approach. I used vibrant and saturated colors to convey energy and dynamism, combined with a visual style that evokes elements of street art and urban culture. The wavy font was handcrafted in Illustrator to add an artistic and customized touch to the poster. The silhouettes of the band members were specifically drawn by me in Illustrator, each with a distinct and saturated color to represent the diversity and individuality of the artists.

Results and Impact:

The resulting final poster was a unique artistic expression that captured the essence of the band True Damage and their musical style. The use of vibrant colors, distinctive visual style, and customized artistic elements contributed to creating a visually impactful and memorable poster. This project demonstrated my ability to combine visual and artistic elements to create a design piece that not only promotes a fictional event but also evokes a sensory and emotional experience for the viewer.

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