RIFT: Social Media


This project involved managing social media for RIFT, which included creating and designing visual content for platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

As a company specializing in website development and custom platforms, hosting, and maintenance, the goal was to highlight RIFT’s aesthetics and attract the target audience’s attention to the company’s recent services and projects.

Design Process:

The design process focused on creating templates for posts that reflected RIFT’s visual identity. These templates were developed in Illustrator, ensuring a professional and cohesive appearance. Eye-catching messages were incorporated to encourage viewers to learn more about the company, its projects, and services. The posts were carefully planned to provide relevant and engaging information to the audience, aiming to increase brand awareness and promote social media engagement.

Tools Used:

For creating the templates, I used Adobe Illustrator for graphic design and Adobe Photoshop to create mockups. These tools allowed for efficient and professional execution of the design, ensuring visually appealing presentation of content on social media.

Proof of my work:

To see more examples of the work done for RIFT, you can visit the company’s Instagram profile: RIFT’s Instagram

Project Info

  • Client:RIFT
  • Categories:Branding, Digital Marketing
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